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Junior- Ambassador 2008 Competition


In 2007/2008 Radio Rasant members again will take part to the ambassador competition of UNICEF Germany. The actual radio programme topic: "Childen and Water".



AIDS- A Global Problem


To let the people know about that epidemie, to let them become aware about the danger to the whole world and finally to be member of that great UNICEF campaign against HIV were our major reasons. "Our" means: a  lot of young people around the world.


But let's start in Germany first.


In June 2006 we decided to take part to that UNICEF campaign and to create an actual radio programme about that topic.

But it should not be a usual radio programme. While we were searching for general information about that topic we decided to report about AIDS locally first. And then spread our view to the whole world. So we titled the programme


                                    AIDS – A Global Problem


We immediately started to search for information and interview partners. At the beginning it seemed to be difficult to get contact to the youth from different countries to create our common programme. But after we suggested that the students should introduce their country and the situation of AIDS in their country, we found some student groups. But we also found some adults, mainly teachers from these student groups, who themselves were members of charity organisations. These organisations got into contact with us.



While we were still discussing the structure of that programme,

The students from Burkina Faso, Kenya, Russia, Barbados and Norway gathered together with their teachers, collected information about the local HIV- situation in their home countries, searching for interview partners and choosing special music with lyrics to that topic.


At the same time the charity organisations collected information sheets. The regional advice centre organised private connections to an HIV infected family. We got the opportunity to take an interview with the family’s mother about their life situation and about the problems which occur to her and especially to her children in every day life.


In September we visited a former female teacher from our local neighbourhood, Mrs Birgit Lempa from Meschede. Today she leads a local hospital in Sanyang, Gambia. She stayed in Germany for some weeks to sell marmalade and honey to get some money for the hospital. We took an interview with her about the way of life and the problems witch support the spread of HIV in Gambia. We went to the city centre of our local city and took interviews from the public about their knowledge about HIV and AIDS.


In October we received the audio messages from the other student groups from Africa, South- and Central America and Europe. They had to be translated into German for our German speaking listeners.

After we could listen to all that audio messages we decided to prepare a two hours radio broadcast in German for our local radio service. During the first hour we reported about all the fact due to our local area. In the second hour we spread our view into a global aspect. First we took our view to the African continent, starting in Mali with a situation’s report written by Plea Gaoussou from ENDA Third World in Bamako.

From this location our sad trip went on to their straight neighbour Burkina Faso. Students from the private College Ramodg Wende prepared an audio message in French. From the West- African  territory we went to the East- African area. Students from the Methodist University, Nairobi, Kenya, reported about the HIV- Situation in that country and their neighbour countries Uganda and Tansanya.

From that location we “jumped” to the American continent. “Little country with a big heart”. That was the title of the message from students from Garrison Secondary School from St. Michael, Barbados. They reported about the HIV situation in their country and how AIDS spread constantly around. They researched about the sense of general wallpapers and information sheets given by the government and took a worried view into the future due to the Caribbean Cricket Championship in 2007.

From Barbados our trip went on to South- America, to Ecuador. Students from Primary and Secondary Section of the British Alliance School in Machala reported about the situation of HIV in their country and how the general economy in the country supports the spread of HIV. They took an interview with a member of  UNICEF Headquarters in Ecuador. Special private campaigns that try to stop the spread of HIV in Ecuador were introduced.

From that country we “jumped” back to Europe. We got an audio message from Russia from the Ural Mountains area, from Zlatoust. Additionally there was a further audio message from Norway. Finally we went back to Germany and tried to make a general conclusion from all the listener could listen to up to that time.


On 23rd November the German TV station “ZDF” visited us to take a documentation of what we did. After 7 ½ hours they finished their video tapes. The final documentation could be seen on TV on 10th December 2006, the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting. Topic: “Children induce something”. The relation between the TV station and us were launched by the German  UNICEF Headquarters initiated by the ZDF.


After that we went back to the production studio of the “Katholische Medienwerkstatt Meschede” were we did the final preparations of the programme, mixed all chapters to a common programme, synchronised the foreign messages. The final two hours radio programme was relayed on 30th November 2006 between 19.00 h and 21.00 h, the World AIDS Day’s Eve.


After that transmission we met again to compress this two hours programme into a one hours programme, cutting off some music and public interviews to prepare our international broadcasts. Most of our foreign listeners knows English and French. So we cut off the synchronised voices again and prepared a three-lingual programme. All participating groups now have the opportunity to listen to that programme. Choosing the airtime we kept in mind that there are different time zones for the different radio groups. Using the times chosen we tried to guarantee that all participants could listen to that original programme at a very human time.


With the last international broadcast on 9th January 2007 the project ends after a period of about 6 month.


We are very proud about the international acceptance and co-operation. We are especially proud about the fact that the work in Zlatoust, Russia, launched a special students- teachers- group which will spread information about HIV and AIDS after they confirmed during their audio message that there is really generally nobody who is really interested in that topic: not at schools and not in the public. These students will go to the neighbour schools and the public now to spread information about HIV and AIDS and how the situation is in that area.


We want to thank the participating charity organisations for their support and “EPALS”- community from the United States of America who offered the opportunities to get into contact with student groups around the world.


To get further information about cooperating associations and organisations please use the link "Service" on this website.







Radio Rasant

and students of the Instituto Superior Technologico Privado CEPEA

in Lima/Peru together apply for the UNICEF - Junior- Ambassador - title 2006 successfully



An important basic work of Radio Rasant, the students’ radio of the urban modern secondary school Sundern and the Catholic Media Workshop Meschede, is to be  ambassador in the world for child rights. Already since two years, since the junior ambassador title is given by the German UNICEF - committee, the teenagers has taken part in this measure with success. Radio Rasant has got this title twice in Germany with in each case one-hour radio programs over the unequal treatment of the sexes in the third world and over the consequences of missing education particularly with girls in the third world and its consequences by receiving the “acknowledgement price” by the German UNICEF - committees. In this year, they apply again for this title - and this with an extended concept.

Already in autumn of the  passed year, the 17 girls of Radio Rasant announced the topic with UNICEF in Cologne for the participation: "Street children". However they didn't want to produce - as until now - only one radio programmes  but let the people become aware of  the needs of the street children in the world in multiple sense and tries to make its contribution to the relief of the need. On the last Saturday, the girls and  their project manager Reinhard Marx offered and sold waffles and cakes in a vendor at the local “Marktkauf” market.. There they sold waffles between 10 and 17 hours and collected 337 € (= 427 US$) for the street children in the world . At the same time, they spoke to the people before the market and informed them about current projects from UNICEF and over the situation of the street children particularly in South America. During this time a third group of the female students took the recorder and the microphone asking the people according to their knowledge about UNICEF and its projects.

In the second part of the this year's junior ambassador action, the teenagers will produce a radio program to the topic “street children”. In the studio of the Catholic Media Workshop in Meschede, an one-hour radio program of will be prepared. They report about the situation of the street children particularly in South America together with 26 students of the Instituto Superior Technologico Privado CEPEA in Lima/Peru. on inquiry of the teenager from Sundern. The students of the CEPEA Institute under management of their teacher Maria Cecilia Escalante Blotte have visited the street children in their city and questioned them after their life circumstances, their past and their future plans. Different teams point out the different circumstances and ways of life of the street children of Lima at present. They translate the interviews into English. They archive their work by photos and prepare a video film which is subtitles in English language. With the collected interviews, the photos and the film, the students from Lima offered important material to the common radio program. Consequently, an authentic report about the situation of the street children from South America will be done by an example of the city of Lima.

Together, both student groups apply for the junior ambassador title 2006. Up to the 15th April  all material has to be entered to the UNICEF - committee in Cologne. Then, an independent jury decides about the nationwide submitted projects. The teenagers from Lima and Sundern anyway figure out good chances. And if not, the students and teachers are united in both countries for itself: we informed about the needs of the children in the world, we have actively taken part to the relief of these needs with the proceeds from the waffle and cake vendor and did an important bridge building project between two countries all at the same time. And that is really important for them.


Post Scriptum: The independent jury of 8 youngsters and 8 adults at the German UNICEF committee declared this project for honourable. Since 12th June the members of Radio Rasant and the students from Lima are allowed to use the ambassador title. All students from both countries are very proud and express their success.

The official prize ceremony was held at the famous German St. Pauls Chapel in Frankfurt. The committee honoured 21 project from about 160 projects with 12000 youngsters applying for that trophy. Our common project belongs to the winners. The Peruvian students got their diplomas in June, the Germans received their winning verifications on 6th September in Sundern.


The success supports all students to take part to the next “Junior- Ambassador”- title 2007. And further students’ groups will take part to the new project.

All connections to the different schools around the world are arranged with support of the “epals”- community from U.S.A.


You can view some pictures of this project at "Fotoalbum - Outside".

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